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Wee Help

Wee Help provides layettes for newborns born into poverty. The layettes include basic need items such as diapers, diaper wipes, infant clothing and blankets. They are given to new mothers who are receiving services from our partners.

The program began in 1997 and serves approximately 500 newborns each year.

Partners Served

How You Can Help

Donations of new & unused baby items are accepted for use in the layettes.  Items such as infant clothing, receiving blankets, baby board books or other baby necessities are accepted.  If you knit, crochet, sew or quilt – handmade baby blankets can also be used for the layettes. To make in-kind donations to the program, please contact us at info@alphx.org

What Our Partners Say

A husband and wife refugee family arrived in the US and had a sponsor family waiting for them in Miami. They ended up on the wrong bus and arrived in Phoenix instead. Immigration detained them for 6 months before releasing them on the streets of Phoenix where they were robbed and beaten. A good Samaritan picked them up and drove them to Valleywise because the wife was in active labor. When the new mother received her layette, she burst into tears, expressing her gratitude and thanked the nurses.

Director of Volunteer Services,  Valleywise Healthcare
Director of Volunteer Services,

Donate Today

For $50 you can provide a complete layette to a mother living in poverty. Your donation will go directly towards helping new mothers and families in need.